In late 2014 the Star Chamber met in executive session to discuss honoring members of the Secret Society  who did not play defensive back. Up until this time only Secret Society members that at some time in their career played either cornerback or safety were eligible for induction into the Lifetime Members section or the Gallery of Stars. Limiting the induction to defensive backs went back to the time that the Star Chamber originated.  It was a web site that was started by their position coach and as such he relied on them for the web site's upkeep. The Star Chamber was basically a motivational site that helped stress the importance of not only exceptional play on the field but also good character. That first year we did however select senior team leaders from different positions with the hope that they would lead by example and get the entire team to buy into the importance of  team unity, hard work and always putting the best interests of the team first. For this reason the first class of  Secret Society members did include two linebackers and one lineman Mike Boggs, Jack Boyl and Ryan Bakalarski. All three it should be noted were exceptional team leaders as well as very good football players.

As the years progressed the annual inductions into the Lifetime Members section was limited to the defensive backs but the Star Chamber never envisioned that the Secret Society's online archive would start to take an entirely new identity of its own. The time did finally come when the Star Chamber would get occasional inquiries from other position players wanting to know how they could become members. The Star Chamber must admit that the reluctance to induct players other than defensive backs was rooted in the fact that there would be so many other deserving candidates. Updating the web site would basically be an impossible task for a person who has very basic technological skills. You must also remember that this is a person who has never owned a cell phone, a camera or a social media account.

All this being said it still doesn't change the fact that the Star Chamber needs to find a way to honor some of these other Secret Society members who played a very important role in getting the team to eight CIF Championship games and making the playoffs 31 out of the 33 times they had an opportunity to qualify for post-season competition. After consulting with selected past members of the Secret Society as well as two former coaches it was decided that we would open the Guest Chamber. The Guest Chamber file will include selected members of the Secret Society that the defensive backs can nominate for induction. As such it is with much happiness and pride that the Star Chamber will open its doors to welcome a teammate that should have been honored a very long time ago.