A graduate of the class of 2003, Anthony was a dedicated player whose hard work resulted in a great senior year as a starting defensive back. Although he played some corner, it was at safety that he played his best football. Preparing for his senior year of  football Anthony made a serious effort to reach his personal goals. Although he weighed only 145 pounds he ended up bench pressing 205 pounds and power cleaning 175 pounds. His 318 adjusted weight total ranked him as the second strongest player pound for pound on the team roster.

Anthony's hard work resulted in a very successful and productive senior year. He was in on 49 tackles and was the team co-leader in interceptions with three. He also had 5 pass break ups and finished the season with 146 defensive points. Anthony was also an outstanding special teams player. He was selected Special Teams Player of the Game in both the Patrick Henry and Coronado games. His great senior year resulted in his being selected to the Second Team All-Western League squad. Pictures of Anthony can be found in the 2002 photo section.





Dear Anthony:

Thanks for getting the group together to celebrate Nick’s birthday. Although Nick is the leader of the Star Chamber, you are now officially appointed director of social events. This will probably be the most important moment in your life because as you know, people from El Salvador rarely accomplish much in life. In the history of civilization there has never been one person from El Salvador that has ever made any significant contribution to mankind. In fact, there are no famous people from El Salvador anywhere on earth! Ask the guys if they can name even one and pause for replies. Ok, did they name any? See, I told you. Now that you have been granted this appointment perhaps you can contact the president of El Salvador and tell him about this honor. They might make your birthday a national holiday.

 I will be asking all those in attendance how the function turned out and if they have any complaints you will be solely to blame. Your position will be taken away and given to Jarred Russell. If Jarred is there ask him if he has lost our bet yet and let me know what he says. Make sure everyone is properly seated. Nick should be some where up front with you since he is the guest of honor and if Nick Easley is there put him in the smoking section if there is one (just in case). Also, tell Nick that I hope all is going well. If Matt Patton is there don’t seat him any place where he might have to pass something to someone. It might get intercepted. Don’t let Daniel Caldera sit near the kitchen entrance because he might be mistaken for a busboy and they’ll put him to work cleaning tables or washing dishes. Make sure that Shane doesn’t sit next to Nick Easley because if can’t control his urge to light up he might accidentally burn Shane and we wouldn’t want that to happen because Shane already got burned too many times during the season. This could trigger bad memories. Nima should be seated close to the bathroom in case he throws up and Alejandro (New Mexico) should be near a door in case the Border Patrol raids the place. This will give him an opportunity to escape. Actually, you need to be close to the door too. Put Ian Higgens in a dark corner so that the glow of his red hair doesn’t blind any of the customers. The only other thing you need to do is make sure Andrew Fernandez knows where he parked his car.

As for the social activities, just make sure everyone acts civilized. After you have dinner cut he cake and have everyone sing happy day to Nick. Make sure he gets his birthday card and have him read it to the group. Lastly, give him his present and tell him he has one guess. If he can guess what it is everyone there owes him one dollar. I hope he likes it. I had to pick something because he never told me what he wanted for his birthday. After you do all this have Nick open his envelope and follow the instructions therein.