A graduate of the class of 2006 and leader of the Star Chamber Chris distinguished himself as one of the most outstanding defensive backs in the history of La Jolla football. From his first year of varsity football to his senior season Chris was a standout player who was known for his strong work ethic and leadership. In his sophomore season Chris was selected Second Team All-Western League and was voted the teamís Most Improved Defensive Player. His 146 total points as a sophomore defensive back is second only to former La Jolla and University of Arizona great Jarvie Worcesterís 160 points. Chris followed up his outstanding sophomore year with a junior season that saw him record 58 tackles (44 unassisted) and a team leading 11 break-ups. His efforts against University High and Point Loma High also earned him Defensive Player of the Game honors during the 2004 season. This is an honor that Chris won five times in his varsity career. In 2004 Chris was selected First Team All Western League and was voted the teamís Defensive Back of the Year. In addition to his outstanding defensive play Chris made significant contributions on the offensive side of the ball at both the quarterback and receiver positions. He was also a vital part of all special team units. His accomplishments included a 70 yard kick return for a touchdown and one blocked kick. He was also selected Special Teams Player of the Week for his efforts in the Scripps Ranch game.


Although Chris missed three games due to injury his senior season he still had an outstanding year that allowed him to leave his mark in the La Jolla record book. Chris recorded 49 tackles (31 unassisted) and made two interceptions. He recorded a team leading 8 break-ups and blocked two kicks. This was the second consecutive season that Chris led the defense in break-ups and he finished his Viking career with a total of 25 in this category. His 155 total defensive points combined with the 334 points he scored his sophomore and junior years left him with a total of 484 for his career. This total ranks him third in the Viking record book. Chris left his mark in numerous categories in the La Jolla defensive record book. His 44 unassisted tackles his junior year ranks him 9th on the all-time list and his 109 career unassisted tackles ranks him third. His 188 defensive points his junior year ranks 8th on the all-time list.


Chris was also a major contributor on the offensive side of the ball and on special teams. At the quarterback position Chris completed 14 passes for 196 yards and three touchdowns. As a receiver he caught 21 passes for 285 yards and two touchdowns. He returned 36 punts for 205 yards and one touchdown and returned 11 kickoffs for 264 yards. Chrisí efforts during his senior season earned him numerous honors. He was recognized on the Second Team All Western League Team and was voted Team Captain by his teammates. For the second consecutive season he was voted the teamís Defensive Back of the Year and was recognized as the Defensive Player of the Game and Special Teams Player of the Week for his efforts against Madison in the CIF quarterfinals. Chris also won the prestigious Gene Edwards Iron Man Award in recognition of his unselfish dedication and on the field contributions to the Viking football program.


Chris was also an accomplished scholar and in both 2004 and 2005 he was recognized as an Outstanding Scholar-Athlete by the San Diego Union-Tribune. He carried a 4.17 GPA his senior season. In 2006 the Walter J. Zable/San Diego Chapter of the National Foundation and College Hall of Fame named Chris to its prestigious Scholar-Leader-Athlete Team. Chris was also selected to play in the 2006 Alex Spanos All-Star Football Classic where he started at cornerback and helped lead the South squad to a thrilling 20-19 victory over the North All-Stars. Additional entries into Chrisí file are included below and pictures of Chris can be found in the 2003-2005 action photo sections.



As promised we are posting a prom picture of Chris and his world. As you can see there is a new world in existence. Chris' former official dating world was invaded by one of his friends and he was left "worldless" for a time. I'm glad to see that he has moved on and found another world. I actually met her and her name is Rachel. She is a very nice girl and as you can see very pretty too. She's not really a brunette even though it appears this way in the picture. I guess Chris is no longer  dating brunettes only.  I will make further commentaries after Kevin sends me a picture of Chris and the graduation present that Rachel gave him. It was a unique gift and she put a lot of work into it. I want you to see it before making any observations. For now all I will say is that Chris is her "sweetie."


"I'm trying to keep my worlds from colliding."

                                                      Chris Jones

The Star Chamber would like to thank DG for this quote.



This is the picture that Chris said he took willingly, but unfortunately it didn't come out too clear. Perhaps he'll take another one for us. The Star Chamber would like to thank Blake and Andres for their work and would also like to thank Delara for being a good sport. We would thank Chris too but we heard he got mad when the photos were taken so we won't thank him because he was a bad sport.


"The seats of this Camry have many stories to tell."

                                                        Chris Jones

The Star Chamber would like to once again thank DG for this quote. In addition. The Star Chamber would like to comment on this quote and  the picture below. First of all, the only time I got into this Camry there was no front seat. I had to sit in the back seat. Chris told me that  the front seat caught fire! I guess the seats do have some stories to tell. Was one of the worlds sitting in it when it caught fire? I  have to give Chris credit for this move. I must say that this is an innovative way to try and get girls into your back seat. Unfortunately for him none of his worlds would ever fall for this trick.

As for his world below. Doesn't this world look a lot like the world pictured above? It looks like Chris likes brunette worlds. Come to think of it didn't Chris dye his hair black last year?  Interesting. Also, I've looked closely at the picture below and have concluded that the hand on his world's waist is not his hand. The skin complexion doesn't match with Chris'  white skin color. Look at his face and compare it to the hand. Poor Chris here he is taking a picture with one of his worlds and someone else has his hand on his world's waist. Its probably Kevin's hand because my understanding is that as they were growing up Kevin would always take things from Chris and Chris would go crying to his mom. But then again it might be his little (actually taller) brother's hand. I understand he takes things from him too. But at least Chris doesn't go crying to his mom when this happens. He goes crying to his dad. Please feel free to provide quotes and pictures (e-mail them to the Star Chamber or drop them off at school) but I don't want anyone harassing any of his worlds. The Star Chamber wants to thank them for being good sports.


"My worlds are giving me money, not directly, but indirectly."

                                                Chris Jones

I am not sure what to make of this quote and I would be curious to find out what the worlds think of it. I hope that Chris isn't using his worlds strictly for financial gain, but with Chris you never know. I wonder what his mom would say if she found out about this quote? I wonder what the worlds would say!

We have posted two new pictures below. As you can see one picture is of Delara and my understanding is that this picture was posted throughout the campus on her 16th birthday. The Star Chamber wishes this world a happy birthday. I didn't know that Delara was only 15 years old. I guess Chris and Shane Stidman do have something in common. I must say that this picture is rather alluring but I'm skeptical about Chris' ability to survive in this world. Is Chris Mr. Yum Yum or has another person invaded this world?

The second picture as you can see is from  the Homecoming 2005 dance. Of course this world is also brunette but for some reason this world isn't hugging him as tightly as the world who he is pictured with above. I also find it interesting that all the worlds are not only brunette but all of them are about six inches shorter than Chris. That makes all the worlds about 5'2" tall.

Lastly, the Star Chamber would like to make an announcement. Chris has revealed to me that he has done away with all the worlds except one. However, he will not reveal to me what world he has decided to keep in existence. As such, the Star Chamber is requesting help in determining if in fact there is only one world left in Chris' solar system and if this is the case which one of the worlds is it that still exists. Feel free to continue  providing us with pictures and quotes, but don't forget be kind to the worlds and to Chris. Remember, he has been under a lot of stress since his little brother Andy passed him up in height and started letting Chris borrow his shoes.


The Star Chamber would like to thank everyone that has responded with quotes and pictures for inclusion in Chris' file. Its kind of odd that each member's file was created with the intention of including press clippings, pictures, certificates and other football related materials.  In Chris' case, as you can see, his file includes mostly materials pertaining to his worlds and no football related matter. I guess this is what happens to athletes when their worlds become a greater priority. I had an additional picture that was e-mailed to the Star Chamber but it was decided that it would not be appropriate for posting in Chris' file. Chris was shown the picture but had no explanation for it. We were all shocked of course.

As noted previously Chris announced that he had  done away with all his worlds but one. Although he wouldn't reveal to the Star Chamber which world survived it was reported to us that the surviving world was in fact Delara and that Chris and this world are now officially dating. Although we would like to believe this, it appears that Chris has not totally done away with all the other worlds. It was reported that last weekend Chris spent some time at UTC with a world other than the "official" dating world. Information has it that he pretended not to know where Sports Chalet was so that he could accompany another world to this retail outlet. If this is true we can only hope that we are not on the verge of a "War of the Worlds."

The Star Chamber hopes that it will be able to include some football related materials on Chris soon. He is making his comeback against Madison and we can only hope that the worlds have not robbed him of all his energy. The Star Chamber is concerned because Chris appeared to be a bit overweight and sluggish this past week and we became very concerned when Diego knocked him down at practice the other day.


You aren't going to believe this but Chris actually introduced me to the official dating world Friday night after the game. This really caught me off guard because none of my players ever introduce me to their girlfriends. In fact, they try very hard to keep me as far away as possible from them. So you can understand why this came as quite a shock to me. When  the official dating world was introduced to me I didn't know what to do. I was thinking that perhaps I should bow or maybe kneel down. I thought about kissing her hand but I didn't want to embarrass Chris. If I had kissed her hand, I would have given Delara one more kiss than Chris has given her to date (Chris is a little slow about these things but he'll figure it out). In addition , if I had kissed her hand she would have never wanted to spend  any more time with him again.

I must say that Delara is a very nice girl and I will give Chris credit for making her the official dating world. Someone whose name I can't mention told me that his selection of girlfriends is finally improving. I asked  Delara if Chris was a gentleman and she told me that he is and he isn't. She said that he is gentle but that he is no man! She is so right. Like Coach Watson says, "you ain't no man until you start paying rent." Its funny how powerful the worlds can be. When I talked to Chris after the game he was understandably  sad  because he felt he had let the team down (just as a side note we wouldn't have ever gotten where we were without him and  his great play kept us in that game). We had a good talk and a few minutes later I talked to him again, this time in the company of Delara. Its amazing how quickly the official dating world can lift his spirits! All the tears were gone, the smile had returned to his face and there was a general aura of euphoria emanating from his person. My respects and congratulations go out to Delara. I hope that you and Chris will live happily ever after in that world that both of you inhabit and I will gladly post further entries into this file as long as you wish. Perhaps some prom date pictures?