Dear Daniel,

As you probably know, in 1999 I started a group known as the Star Chamber. For this upcoming season I have decided to convert this project into a group (DB) concept with all members of the group playing an active part. I had hoped to do this last season, but some things just didnít work out. The Star Chamber itself is a vehicle that affords players such as you an opportunity to learn about and exhibit positive leadership.

I donít have to tell you that Iím very proud of all the progress you made last year. You probably donít realize just how good you can be if you decide to invest some serious hard work into it. Next fall you will have the opportunity to become our starting free safety. This will not come easy but you certainly have the talent to get the job done.

Consider this letter my personal invitation to join the Star Chamber. I will be making a number of changes on our website this spring. If you havenít done so already, take a look at what is in there now and you will get an idea of what I believe it takes to be a successful player. In particular, look at the special responsibilities. These responsibilities will be shifted from selected individuals to the whole group (of which you are an important part). The website address is

 I am enclosing a goalsheet along with a copy of last yearís goals. I want you to take some time to think over what you would like to accomplish next season. Please fill it out and send it back to me. Iíll review it and make any changes that I feel will be in your best interests. I will keep in touch. Let me know if you need help with your project. If you need to talk to me you can call me at any time. My home number is 619-281-5092.


P.S. Donít get locked in any more bathrooms!