Randolph is a graduate of the class of 2008 and was a member of the Secret Society in 2007. Having never played varsity football Randolph worked very hard at improving his grades and making the effort to become involved in a very demanding activity that would require him to stay focused both academically and athletically throughout the school year. He approached his responsibilities very seriously and always made an honest effort in practice and in the games. He provided the team with excellent scout play and always exhibited great enthusiasm in whatever he did.

Randolph's coaches and teammates recognized his sincere efforts and support by selecting him the 2008 Most Inspirational Player. It was an award that he very much appreciated and eloquently accepted at the team's end of the season banquet. He will always be remembered for not only his inspiring attitude but also for setting an example to others that one can accomplish many things if they set their mind to getting it done and if they are not afraid to make some personal sacrifices. A picture of Randolph can be found in the 2008 Action Picture file.