A graduate of the class of 2004 and leader of the Star Chamber in 2003, Shane was a three year varsity letterman and starting safety his junior and senior years. He finished his Viking Career with 408 total defensive points ranking him 5th on the all-time career list for defensive backs. He recorded 119 tackles with 91 of them unassisted. His unassisted tackle mark ranks sixth all-time among defensive backs.  He led the team in interceptions both his junior and senior years. His eight interceptions in 2003 placed him first on the all-time list and his 11 career interceptions are also a La Jolla record.

Shane also recorded 8 career break-ups, one caused fumble, one recovered fumble, two blocked kicks and one defensive touchdown. His senior year he was voted Second Team All-Western League and Defensive Back of the Year. He was also selected Defensive Player of the Game for his play in both the Serra and Saints games. Shane, like his brother before him, will be remembered for his dedication and group leadership. He was a player who not only put forth his best effort in games, but also on the practice field where he could always be counted on to not only be present, but ready to contribute as well.

Pictures of Shane can be found in the 2002 and 2003 photo sections and a record of his Star Chamber files can be reviewed below.



Dear Shane:

Thanks for helping put this evening together. I am officially designating you Nickís Chief of Staff. This means that if Nick ever hurts his pinky again and isnít able to ďstick it outĒ like last year, you will be in charge of all Star Chamber matters. I was thinking about making you director of social events and giving Anthony this responsibility, but everyone tells me that your social life is limited to hanging out with 8th grade girls at Bishops and that wouldnít sit well with most of the team except for maybe Andrew.

Enclosed are the goal sheets that many of you turned in as requested. If that player is in attendance, let him have his copy. This copy is for him to keep. If a player is there and never turned one in to me, give him a blank one and ask him to please fill it out and give it to Coach Pons. Iíll pick them up later. I want everyone to turn one in because I am going to make it a part of his summer binder. We want to personalize the binders more this year and having your goal sheet in it is one way of doing it. Have the guys proof read their sheet and let me know if I made any errors. I might have put someone elseís phone number on it or something like that. I did make some individual changes for some of you. Perhaps I felt we needed to modify a goal, so donít worry about that. Iíll speak with each individual when I get a chance. Also, some players had left some items blank so I filled in something that I felt was important for them or for the team.

Please have each player read his personal goals and team goals out loud so that he can share them with everyone. This is important because none of you are going to accomplish any of these goals without the help of each other. We need to respect everyoneís thoughts and not ridicule anyoneís goals. This is part of being a team. I want all of you to think about your goals every day and work hard toward achieving them. Use your goals as a tool for motivation and as a means for staying out of trouble. If in the future some time you have to make a decision about whether or not to do something you arenít sure of, ask yourself one question. Is what I am about to do going to help me reach my personal and team goals? If the answer is yes, go ahead and do it. If the answer is no. Donít do it. It is that simple.

Thatís all for now. I hope you had a good time. I would like to have you meet one more time before spring football. Hopefully we can get any returning lettermen that didnít make it tonight to attend the next function. Iíll get together with Nick, Anthony and you to make future plans. Drive home safely.




P.S. The magic number is 34.




Dear Shane,

Thanks for taking care of this request for me. Iím very happy with the way that you handled your first assignment as Nickís chief of staff at the last gathering. I hope you didnít take much offense to all that stuff about being burned all the time last year. I was just kidding. It isnít your fault that you were born slow. I understand that they didnít take you up to varsity for the baseball playoffs because you donít run the bases fast enough. Is this true? Donít worry about it. At least you would be able to hit a batter if necessary. I hear the same canít be said of Connor. By the way, I was glad to finally see you playing baseball for La Jolla and not the other team.

As you can see I have enclosed some photos in the envelope. These are extra prints that I want you to distribute to the guys. I do have a nice shot of you but I made an enlargement of it so you wonít find it here. Some of them are for the graduating seniors so I want you to give them to those guys when you see them at school. Tell everyone not to fight over any of the prints. Try to distribute them equitably as some of the shots have more than one of you in them. If there is a picture that two of you really like I can always get another print. Remember that there are some pictures that I have blown up into 11 by 14ís or 20 x 30 posters that I will put up at the start of the summer. I will be taking down all the old pictures and posters so tell the graduating seniors that I will be distributing those pictures to them in a few weeks.

I hope you guys like the pictures. Our photographer was only able to shoot two games so I didnít have as large of a selection this year. Hopefully heíll be able to come to a few more games next year. He does a really good job and doesnít charge us anything, so Iím very grateful for anything he can do. Thanks again for doing this for me. Iím very much looking forward to the start of spring football. Weíve got a chance to be really good next season and Iím anxious to get going. We got some bad news when Coach Siemens informed us that he is moving to Fresno. We will have to replace him on our staff. I have some ideas but nothing is certain yet. Coach Siemens said he would be glad to help us during spring if needed. I hate losing him because heís done a good job and last season I was finally able to go up in the booth on game day. This is where I prefer to be, but I need to have someone on the sideline that is comfortable signaling in plays. The change will probably be tougher on me than anyone else. I have been coaching high school football since the mid-seventies and in that time span I have only coached with four other coaches on the defensive side of the ball! I will now have to find the 5th coach and I want him to be as good as the other four have been. It wonít be easy finding a replacement, but weíll try. Drive home safely and see you all Tuesday.




P.S. The magic number is 34.