CIF 2002






In 2002 the Secret Society has adopted the red 34 for itís central theme. We feel that it is important for us to return to the basics and keep things simple. As such the 2002 pin will not be very complicated but will get a couple of very important messages across. First, we have written across the top of the pin the words that Coach Ponsford reinforced time and again in his special message to the team for 2002. If you donít recall the text of his message look in your summer manual or go to the Star Chamber and refresh your memory. We have included the words ďtrial by fireĒ because we donít want to forget our 2001 season. Even though it was disappointing from a win-loss standpoint we know that we will be able to use it as a springboard for success in 2002. The disappointments and frustrations associated with last season will prepare many of you for both individual and team success in 2002. As a group you will be able to face adversity and realize that it is a part of the game that can make the road to victory more difficult but that by no means can it derail your journey unless you allow it to. Our performances late in the season reinforced our belief that we can compete with anyone. Keep the Lincoln, Mira Mesa and Saints losses in mind as they are proof that the difference between winning and losing can often come down to a single play.

The red 34 has a special significance that goes hand in hand with the text of the preceding paragraph. Coach Ponsford reminds us that through a trial by fire one will be able to forge a championship. Forging a championship can only come about through a total team effort. If you go into the Star Chamber and review the significance of the number 34 in our defensive scoring system, you will remember that scoring the magic number (34) in and of itself will not guarantee victory. An important component in this formula centers on the ability of our offense to move the chains and not turn the ball over. These two factors combined with our defenseís ability to reach a defensive rating of 34 or above are the keys to victory. One without the other is not enough It is for this reason that the pin reminds everyone that the magic number is 34.


The Viking figure in the middle is there to remind everyone of the special message that was included near the beginning of you summer manual:


                        Itís what you do know, when you donít have to do anything,

                        that makes you what you want to be, when itís too late to

                        do anything about it.  


Once game time arrives it is too late to do anything to prepare you for competition. All contingencies must be addressed during practice week and on a larger scale, the months leading up to fall practice. These are the months that too often players waste by doing nothing and other players waste by not doing enough. You need to ask yourself what do I want to be? If you want to be a strong player on game day train for it now. Do you want to be fast on game day? Train for it now. Do you want to show mental toughness on game day? If the answer is yes, place yourself in situations that require a certain element of mental toughness now. For some of you this might mean having to get up early to lift and run.


The last message that is depicted on the 2002 pin reads ď CIF 2002.Ē  This inscription reminds us of our ultimate goal. We have discussed before the fact that we have been a lot closer to this goal than some might believe. These last few years we have found ways to lose close games to teams that are either going deep into the playoffs or are playing for the championship itself. If you can play these teams tough you can win it all! Our job in 2002 is to put it all together. We have already undergone a trial by fire. Now we need to do something now so that when it is too late to do anything we will all be prepared to do our part in helping the team reach the magic number: 34.