RETURN TO FORM IN





                                                 VIKING                  TMN                                               FOOTBALL               34





2004 will be the year of the Secret Society of the White ďTĒ. We will focus our efforts this year on becoming a TEAM. Placing the interests of the team ahead of all our personal desires will be a key ingredient in our formula for success. This unselfish attitude will help us to reach the magic number (34) and RETURN TO FORM IN 2004. All three of these themes are highlighted on this yearís pin. However, as you can see, there is one other theme that you are unfamiliar with and it is this theme that holds the key to unlocking the riddle of the pin. Last year it took quite a while for one of you to correctly ascertain that the Viking figure had the global coordinates for Havana Cuba along with the birth date for its leader Fidel Castro. This year the team is being challenged to TAKE THE OPEN 10 SPOT AND MAKE IT 70 IF YOU CAN.

 Taking the open 10 spot will require a level of play that will make you part of a special group. Making it 70 is even more difficult, but not impossible if you succeed in taking the open ten spot. You can not make it 70 if you donít first take the open 10 spot. We will help you find the open 10 spot but only you (the team) can fill it. Its location will remain a mystery for now. It is possible to solve the riddle but still not take the spot. It is also possible to take the open 10 spot and not realize it. If you succeed in taking the open 10 spot and making it 70 you will set a new standard for our juniors and sophomores. They will then have to fill their own 10 spot but they will not be able to make it 70. If you donít succeed in taking the open ten spot then the juniors and sophomores will have the opportunity to make it 70.

 We canít give you any more clues for now. As the year progresses we will reveal bits of information that will help you solve the riddle. For now it is sufficient to say that there are five of them.