2005 will be the year of the Secret Society of the Red T. Our theme this year will be a simple one and the pin will highlight the special message from both Coach Ponsford and the Star Chamber. The top of the pin reminds us that like the Death Rattlers, we must work and prepare as a team in order to improve our chances to succeed. We will COME TO FIGHT and COME TO WIN every time we line up against an opponent.


The red “T” reminds us that time is of the essence. How we use our time will determine if we are better prepared than our opponents. Remember every team has the same amount of time. The team that is successful is the team that makes the best use of their time. Also, remember that the word TIME is a reminder that we must not only make good use of our time, but that we must also exhibit individual leadership, motivation and effort.


At the bottom of the pin we are reminded that EVERY DAY IS A VIKING DAY. This message serves as a reminder that we will not always have smooth sailing. There will be times when we will be tested and how we react to adversity will be a good predictor of how we will perform against an opponent. Remember that all great competitors are able to turn adversity into a tool for success.


Of course we continue to remind ourselves that the MAGIC NUMBER IS 34. The magic number can only be reached by exhibiting relentless pursuit on the field. We can never have one of our defenders record a last frame point. When a player records such a point it means that we did not get all eleven defenders to the ball. Needless to say this will make it easier for our opponents and increase their chances of moving the chains. One of our defensive goals is to get the opponent’s offense off the field in three plays or less. This can only be accomplished when we get everyone moving in the direction of the ball carrier.


There are basically four parts to the riddle of the pin. As you can see we have a small crossword puzzle that should be fairly easy to solve. All the clues you need are in the aforementioned special messages in paragraph one. If you solve the “down” part of the puzzle first, the across items will be less difficult to ascertain. Note that there is only one down item that needs to be solved. However, there might be some of you who will be better able to solve the across items first. Either way it will not be anywhere as difficult as it was last year when it took weeks to find THE OPEN 10 SPOT. By the way, don’t forget that the open ten spot is still there for the taking. The final part of the riddle involves the always important question WHAT TIME IS IT? Here’s your first clue. You already know that it is 11:30 and I have explained to you the significance of this time on many occasions.


That’s enough clues for now. Now let’s get on with the business of having a great 2005 season.