The 2006 Secret Society has been named the Secret Society of the 4 Q's. The 4 Q's refer to the 2006 theme that Coach Ponsford selected as the special point of emphasis for the upcoming season. Coach explained the significance of the 4 Q's in his special message to the team that was made a part of your summer manuals.  His message is also posted in the Star Chamber. Navigate to the table of contents and click on Special Message 2006. A review of his message will help explain the significance of some of the pin's content and it will also provide some clues to solving what is a fairly simple riddle this year.

The top of the pin as you can see has the special point of emphasis that the Star Chamber has selected for the upcoming season. It is probably a good idea to navigate to the table of contents and review the 2006 message from the Star Chamber which is located in the same file as Coach Ponsford's message. You will need to do this in order to put together enough clues to help you solve the riddle of the pin. Keeping the dirt out of our face in 2006 I believe is of great importance. We want to get as clean a trip as possible this year so that we can overcome any obstacles that might be placed in our way as we attempt to take it one step further than we did last year and get  into the "Q" in December to play for and win the 2006 Division 4 Championship. If we can keep the dirt out of our face I am certain that we are quite capable of pouncing on our opponents and reaching the finals. Let's make it a goal to have a special meeting of the Secret Society in December at 9449 Friars Road. Don't forget that 9449 Friars Road has a special significance that you can review under Member's Special Responsibilities in the table of contents.

There are a number of things that are quite obvious on the pin and that are not really part of any riddle. By now you should all know the significance of 11:30. If you played defense for us last year and don't know what 11:30 stands for please let me know so I can cut you from the team immediately. Everyone should also know the magic number and its significance. It too is included in the pin. Please explain its significance to any new players so that they can learn to play Viking defense and live up to the reputation we have for being one of the best defensive units in the San Diego Section. For those of you who are new to the varsity, go to the table of contents and click on the Magic Number in the Defensive Goals and Statistics file. This will explain to you why the number 34 is so important to us.

I have also included the initials DM and the number 24 on the pin. This part I will explain to you. As you might know Coach Luis Moya and Coach Ismael Moya lost their brother David in a tragic accident this year. David was part of our La Jolla football family and played for us in the mid-90's. He was a defensive back and reflected all that is good about our program. He was a San Diego police officer who served our community and gave of himself so that our city would be a better place to live. We feel that it is important that we in some way honor David's memory so we have made his initials and his number part of the 2006 pin. Let his brothers know that we are dedicating this season to David's memory and that we will make our best effort to get into the Q and play for a championship just like David did when he was playing at La Jolla.

Well that is enough clues for now. As August rolls around I am anxious to get started with our season. Its time to put all the horses in the gate and when they spring open remember to: