L A   J O L L A   V I K I N G S                  
                      F O O T B A L L                          
                          S S W S                              
              W H A T   T I M E   I S   I T ?                  
                        1 1 : 3 0                              
              T H E   M A G I C   N U M B E R                  
                            3 4                                
              S W I N G   Y O U R   S W O R D     C I F        
                                                  2 0 1 0      
          S E P T E M B E R   2 4   S A I N T S   6 : 3 0      
          N O V E M B E R     5   M I S S I O N   2 : 3 0      
                                  B A Y                        
            9 4 4 9   F R I A R S   R D                        
                            1 0 : 0 0                          
            D E C E M B E R 6                                  
            D I V I S I O N   4                                
                                1 2                            
                            1 1 : 3 0                          
                    V I K I N G S # 1                          
                                    N O   E X C U S E S        
                                      N O   L A S T            
                                      F R A M E                
                                      P O I N T S              


As you know our team motto in 2010 is SWING YOUR SWORD and as noted above the Secret Society this year will be referred to as the Secret Society of the White “S.” The significance of this motto was explained to you earlier in the spring. You need to remember that your body is like a sword that you will have to take into battle in the fall and that you need to take care of your body. Just like a pirate polishes his sword and keeps it ready for battle at all time you too must “polish your sword” by training on a consistent basis. It is this preparation that will allow you to Swing Your Sword in an effective manner on game day.

It was very encouraging to see the large number of participants in our summer training program. We are starting to grow as a TEAM and it is our goal that by next summer we will have everyone polishing their sword together in preparation for the fall season. Because we had a great many sophomores and freshmen training with us this summer we have decided to include both our JV and freshman teams in the riddle of the Secret Society Pin in 2010. This has never been done before but we feel it is time to take this step in light of the fact that we have started to build a strong foundation as evidenced by the involvement of our younger players.

The pin as you can see is not as complex as it has been in recent years but I am not certain if the riddle will be any easier to solve. As you know no one has ever solved the riddle of the pin although some players in the past have come very close. Tradition has it that if the riddle is not solved by a player, the only way that the answer will be provided to you is if the team makes it to the CIF Championship game.

We are going to assign two players with the initial responsibility of attempting to solve the riddle. As you know every year two defensive backs are entrusted with the responsibility of leading the Star Chamber and it is these two players who have been highlighted on the pin. Eric and Alex are the only two returning varsity defensive backs. Eric will lead the Star Chamber in 2010 and Alex will be his Chief of Staff. This is one of the reasons that the numbers 24 and 26 have been highlighted in red on the pin.

The pin in many regards is very straight forward. The time as we know is always 11:30 and the Magic Number is 34. Our motto SWING YOUR SWORD is prominently displayed in red and our ultimate goal which is winning a CIF Championship in 2010 is also displayed on the face of the pin. You will also note that three very important dates and times are displayed on the pin. One is September 24 at 6:30. This of course is the day we play Saints. The second date and time is November 5 at 2:30. This is the day we play Mission Bay. The reason these two dates are included is to serve as a constant reminder of our 2009 season and to serve as motivation to improve our level of play in 2010. I believe that we always played hard last season but our Saints and Mission Bay games last season were the two games where I felt we were not very competitive especially on

defense. It was very unlike our La Jolla defenses and a great disappointment to us. We need to make the 2010 season a reflection of the great tradition of hard playing competitive Viking defenses that have taken the field for many years.

The other date is December 6 at 10:00. This is the date and time that the Division IV CIF Championship will be played in the stadium. The address to the stadium is also on the pin and for those of you who don’t know, this address has a special significance that is explained in the Star Chamber. The number 16 is highlighted to remind you that there are 16 teams in the division and the 12 is there to remind you that only 12 teams make the playoffs. It is our goal that by 11:30 in the morning on December 6 we will be well on our way to establishing ourselves as #1 in the county. On this day there will be NO EXCUSES and NO LAST FRAME POINTS.

As for the riddle I will give Eric and Alex a few clues. There are four parts to the riddle. Eric’s part of the riddle is the easiest to solve and he really doesn’t have to ask anyone for help. Just think about who you are and how people identify you. Alex might have to get help from a JV player. I won’t tell you who this player is but he has already been given his clue. If you can’t make any progress with just this hint I will give you the player’s name later on. The more difficult part of the riddle will require that Eric or Alex or both of them talk to a freshman player who has not been given his clue yet but will soon be getting it. It is actually possible to solve the riddle without ever talking to either one of these players. You might be able to solve the riddle just by looking at the pin but this is highly unlikely. Once you solve these three parts of the riddle the fourth part will be easy to solve as it will open your mind and everything else will come together.

Good luck solving the riddle. Don’t forget that like always it is possible for any player on the team to solve the riddle with just the clues provided on the pin. If you are able to do this individually follow my instructions very carefully and let me know.