The riddle of the 2011 Secret Society is a bit more complex than in past years. It has a great many words, numbers, letters and phrases that have a symbolic meaning. Many of them are in plain sight and not difficult to decipher. For example SSBC is depicted on a number of occasions and of course this stands for the Secret Society of the Black C, the name of the 2011 Secret Society. You will also find the number 1130 encased on numerous occasions and this as we know is the time. Eleven people to the ball and three downs and out. How many times did you find 1130?


Many of the terms and phrases are the themes that are highlighted in your summer manual calendar and they are explained in more detail in the Star Chamber. Check the Members Responsibilities file for a more detailed explanation. Staying in the Circle is our theme for 2011. You need to remember that the things that are in the circle are things that you have control over and that the things that are outside the circle you have no control over. You can visit the Star Chamber and check the Special Message 2011 file and the Staying in the Circle file to review the significance of our 2011 theme.


As has always been our tradition the defensive backs are entrusted with solving the riddle. Keeping with this tradition the assignment for solving the riddle will fall on one of the DBís and he will of course receive help from his fellow DBís when necessary. All the DBís are highlighted in the text of the riddle. You can find your initials and numbers. Chris and Matt are the Star Chamber leaders in 2011 and they will have special responsibilities associated with this appointment and will not have to solve the riddle but can certainly help as can any player in the program. Oscar could possibly play a key role in solving this riddle but he will not be assigned the primary role. This will be explained in the future. Rafael and David are also recognized as they will be playing in the secondary this season.


Last fall when I revealed the meaning of the riddle and the location of the swords, Dillon Dalton told me that he would without a doubt solve the riddle in 2011. This was a rather bold assertion as the riddle has never been solved before. Unfortunately Dillon has moved to New York so I had to designate another player to fill this role. I have chosen another member of my Catholic Crew to take on this challenge and who better than another Dillon. Dylan will be responsible for taking on the challenge that I had originally prepared for Dillon. Jack will play a very limited but very special role in helping Dylan. Jack is a renaissance man and knowledgeable about many things. He is a student of Latin and accomplished in many subject areas. His expertise might just be what Dylan will need to solve the riddle. 


Although accomplished in many subjects himself Dylan is not your traditional renaissance man due to the fact that a true renaissance man has never flipped as many tires or pushed as many weights as Dylan has. I must say however that I was impressed by his completion of a year long Spanish 5-6 course in just five weeks at Bishops this summer. I will now be able to communicate with him in Spanish and he will be able to understand what Coach Candelario and I are saying about all of you when you mess up on the field! The key to the riddle is often very close to you especially after sunset. Donít let the riddle consume you or take up too much of your time. After classes begin donít allow the riddle to keep you from studying and sleeping. Iíve had some players do this before! The letter s in studying and sleeping is highlighted because they are the first two letters in SSBC. So for purposes of solving the riddle the first S in SSBC stands for studying and the second S stands for sleeping. Now you need to figure what the B and the C stand for. Hereís a hint. The B is related to the second S and so is the C. The B and C have the same meaning. Good luck or should I say buena suerte.