The 2012 riddle is not as complex as it was the year before when it contained close to 100 symbols and phrases with different meanings. Some of these clues have gone unsolved to this day. Hopefully you will have more success this time around. This year there are only 58 (plus an additional one that I'll call 59) and a great many of them are very conspicuous and will not take much analysis to ascertain their meaning. Just like last yearís riddle the 2012 text displays our traditional themes including the time 11:30, the magic number 34 and the sayings that we list in our summer manual calendar to help us stayed focused on a daily basis. Remember that we are adding 11:40 to the time equation. This was done this year in recognition of the fact that quite often teams are going for it on fourth down and when this happens the time is 11:40: Eleven people to the ball and four downs and out.


Our Star Chamber leader Dylan will be given a rare second opportunity to solve the riddle with the help of his Chief of Staff Jack. Dylan proved last year that he isnít very good at solving riddles and he slept on the solution until his teammates came to his rescue. He will in all likelihood need to enlist the help of David again and Jack might not want to get involved since I left Adana off the grid. Three girlfriends on the grid are sufficient. In fact a girlfriend hasnít been a subject of the text since Robbie Beathardís girlfriend Simi was a central focus of the riddle in 2008.


Last year I told Dylan that the key to the riddle was often very close to him especially after sunset. I hate to even use this word again because he will once again go around looking for keys all over the place. However I canít provide adequate clues without using the word key because there is a key to solving every any riddle. You have to remember that a key can be something that gives an explanation or provides a solution just as it was last year. Hopefully this reminder will put you on the right track. So once again, the key is often very close to you especially after sunrise. Something tells me that this clue will go right over your head but perhaps Jack or David will be able to make sense of it.


This riddle could possibly be solved very quickly and I hope it will be. I have given Dylan some very good clues but I need his fellow DBís to keep on eye on him. If he doesnít deliver the solution in a reasonable amount of time he will hit the wall and fall apart physically and mentally like he did last year. If this happens it will be your job to take on this responsibility and let Dylan concentrate on his studies. Please let me know if he starts acting strange, or better said stranger than he usually acts. Good Luck!