A successful transition to the next level of play requires much more than just physical attributes. Unfortunately scholar-athletes place too much emphasis on this component and not enough on the others and in the end many find themselves unprepared for the challenges they will encounter on the collegiate level and beyond. Along with bringing adequate physical attributes, the college bound student-athlete needs to bring with him adequate academic preparation, strength of character, work ethic, a competitive nature, love for the game, football intelligence (FBI), the willingness to be a team player and humility. A deficiency in any one of the components will lessen your chances of fulfilling your dream of playing on the next level. Remember that there are four types of intelligence. There is technical intelligence that will be reflected on your transcript and test scores. There is body intelligence that will be reflected by how well you take care of your body and by what you put in it or don't put in it. There is emotional intelligence that is reflected by how well you interact with others and whether you are willing to be a team player. Lastly but not least in importance is moral intelligence that will be reflected by your character and ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. 2013 provided you with many good examples of athletes that have failed in their quest to attain their goal of becoming not only the best they can be but also failed to earn the respect of their teammates and the public in general. The major league baseball players that are being suspended for violations of the league's substance abuse policy all lacked body intelligence and moral intelligence. The NFL players who are being arrested for numerous violations of the law have little or no moral intelligence. All four types of intelligence are important and a deficiency in one will open the door to possible failure down the road. The following article was written by Ken Mannie the head the strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State. Coach Mannie is one of the best strength coaches in the nation if not the best. The article is very much on point.