A graduate of the class of 2001, Jeff was invited to join the Star Chamber as an 11th man during his senior season. A very versatile player, Jeff quarterbacked the junior varsity team his sophomore year before moving up to the varsity and starting two seasons as a wide receiver. While all the time providing great depth at the quarterback position as well as handling the place kicking holding duties, Jeff became known for his clutch play in important situations. In two years as a varsity wide receiver Jeff caught 34 passes for 504 yards and three touchdowns. He finished his Viking career with a 14.8 yard per reception average.

Jeff was a player who was always committed to the team concept and demonstrated this in his unselfish play. In 1999 his teammates voted him the team’s Most Improved Player and in 2000 he was voted Receiver of the Year. His senior year Jeff was also an Honorable Mention All League selection and became a two-time member of the County All Academic Team carrying a 3.29 GPA.

The following pages contain a historical record of Jeff’s participation in Star Chamber activities. All original Star Chamber correspondence and communications are a part of this record. Pictures of Jeff can be found in the 1999 and 2000 photo section.


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