A graduate of the class of 2001, Ken was a two-year varsity letterman who although he had limited playing time never failed to give a sincere effort in practice or games and was instrumental in helping with the clubís scout team preparation. Ken was hampered by an early season illness his senior year that precluded him from competing for a starting role. When finally healthy, he enthusiastically stepped in to help the team prepare in any way possible. His coaches very much appreciate the fact that he stayed with the program for two seasons and recognize that contributions such as Kenís, although sometimes unnoticed, are the key to putting together a competitive team on the field on game day.  Ken was a two year member of the County All Academic Team and carried a 3.1 GPA.

The following pages contain a historical record of Kenís participation in Star Chamber activities. All original Star Chamber correspondence and communications are a part of this record.


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